Lou Bega is available for concerts, galas, festivals and radio shows even in three different show variants:

Lou Bega & 3 female dancers in a 45 min. half playback show

Lou Bega & Hermes House Band together in a 100 min. live show with live band and female dancers.

This special concert highlight includes the Hermes House Band and their hits like “Country Roads”, “I will Survive” or “Que Sera” etc. and Lou Bega with his world-wide hits “Mambo No.5”, “Sweet like Cola” or “I got a Girl” etc.

Together they also perform greatest hits like “Hit the Road Jack, “Just a Gigolo” or “Give it Up” – really a fantastic show full of power and passion with no better alternative on entertainment market.

Lou Bega – TV shows
Lou Bega is world-wide available for performances in TV or radio shows or the like. Please address your enquiry with proper information of the show to us and we will send you an adequate performance offer then.

Lou Bega – presentation
Lou Bega is available for high quality and special TV shows, radio broadcasts etc., for example he already presented the American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Billboard Radio Awards an the Berlin Love Parade.

Lou Bega – commercials
As song writer for movies, TV or commercials and numerous international stations Lou Bega has already written several suitable songs and is also available himself as performer for exclusive products and companies.



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